Mental scaffolds and templates are key to our rOSCE program and to OSCE exam success, especially when you only have 6 minutes to demonstrate your core medical expertise!

Like any scaffold our mental scaffolds will help you construct your answer to any question while enabling you to demonstrate high level medical expertise and the required domain attributes. This is done through attaching mental templates as platforms to the scaffolding frame.

As a rOSCE course participant not only will you have access to our core scaffolds and templates but we will put you through the paces in actually preparing your own for some common expert level topics.

The scaffolding process has 6 components

  • ┬áStep 1. Creating the foundation ie frontloading or labelling the scenario
  • Step 2. Going from general to specific in your approach
  • Step 3. Using the SLaYR technique to deconstruct the domains that the questions addresses
  • Step 4. Attaching the appropriate templates
  • Step 5. What brackets (acronyms) can you hang off to recall the required information
  • Step 6. The close. The finishing touches to your question

See an example template here:
rOSCE Difficult Conversations Template