What is rOSCE?

A two day face to face OSCE preparation program (two full days of intense OSCE content) including:

  • Tips for maximising your exam metacognition (mental scaffolds, understanding hard vs soft skills, looking for the drops).
  • Template workshops to help you provide structure on the run.
  • Decoding the curriculum framework. Don’t know your column 4 from your column 3? Don’t worry. We do.
  • Focused sessions on breaking down the ACEM curriculum domains.
  • 3 Minute Thrives, Learning circles and medical expertise review.
  • Real FACEMs. Real time. Real exam conditions.

rOSCE faculty- currently being updated

The rOSCE Faculty comprises a core group of highly motivated and enthusiastic FACEMs and Fellows with a broad range of emergency medical expertise and teaching.   Our Guest Faculty is an amazing bunch of clinicians who are seriously motivated in ensuring that by exam day you are at your very best. Their tips, insights and mentoring are invaluable when thinking about how to demonstrate the Consultant mindset.

Dr Andrew Cooke

rOSCE faculty

Andrew is a current Emergency Fellow working at both the St George Hospital and The Children’s Hospital Westmead, Sydney, having completed dual training in Adult and Paediatric EM earlier this year. In 2016, Andrew was jointly awarded the Buchannan prize for the ACEM fellowship exam. He is keen to invest in those preparing for fellowship and to help empower candidates to reach their full exam potential. Andrew holds degrees in law and medicine and has sat many, many, many exams. He is keen to share some of his insights and tips with those now preparing for the OSCE fellowship.

Dr Ahilan Parameswaran

rOSCE faculty

Ahilan passed the 2017.1 sitting of the Fellowship Exam. He is an emergency physician at Bankstown and Liverpool hospitals and the director of the Emergency Medicine stream at the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre. He has a particular interest in preparing candidates for both the written and clinical Fellowship examinations.

Dr Will Siu

rOSCE faculty

William is a FACEM working at both the Sutherland Hospital and St George Hospital, Sydney. He is a talented educator and has been involved in teaching at all levels of his speciality training and now consultant practice. He brings a wide range of experience to the rOSCE program and is particularly interested in quality and performance and in particular, team work performance.

Dr Ryan Snaith

rOSCE faculty

Ryan is currently working as a staff specialist at St George hospital and as a VMO at the Sutherland hospital. He has a passion for teaching, toxicology and simulation education. Ryan also has an interest in community development and has completed post graduate study in international public health.

Dr Jacqui Weeden

rOSCE guest faculty

Jacqui is a senior staff specialist at St George Hospital, whose commitment to education and training is demonstrated by:
Grad Cert Clinical Education (Flinders University)
Chair NSW WBA regional panel
ACEM examiner
She is also a previous DEMT and previous coordinator of NSW fellowship exam course.

Dr Frances Miao

rOSCE guest faculty

ED physician since 2003 at St George Hospital
Retrieval physician 2003-2014
State Retrieval Consultant 2010 - current
Involved in teaching EMST, ALS, instructor course for ALS, guest lecturer for the Masters of Nursing University of Sydney, Nursing Trauma Day, DETECT. Also regular examiner/marker for fellowship preparation. Medical student examiner.

Dr Shakeeb Bani Yaseen

rOSCE faculty

I am an emergency consultant working at Canberra Health Services. I have successfully completed my fellowship exam in 2020, and have worked in Bendigo, Darwin, Wagga and Sydney. I also work in retrieval medicine with RFDS. I am on the faculty for the fellowship teaching program at The Canberra Hospital. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and personal exam experience with colleagues preparing for their OSCEs.

Dr Celia Bolden

rOSCE faculty

Celia works at St George hospital, passing the OSCE in September 2022. She enjoys teaching and mentoring and hopes to be able to help those facing their final challenge of training.

Dr Julie Kiel

rOSCE guest faculty

Julie is dual trained in paediatric and adult emergency medicine, working as a staff specialist at St George and Westmead children's hospitals in Sydney. She has a passion for teaching, simulation and quality improvement.

Dr Ray Kwok

rOSCE guest faculty

Staff specialist at St George hospital. Actively involved in education and and trainee development as co-DEMT, ACEM EMC/EMD supervisor and part of the NSW fellowship exam faculty.

Dr Ruby Hsu

rOSCE guest faculty

As an Emergency Physician with a short-attention span, I keep busy working in Prehospital & Retrieval Medicine with Ambulance NSW and Emergency Departments at Orange Health Service (WNSWLHD) and St George Hospital (SESLHD). I aim to surround myself with good people and participating in education is a shortcut for it. My rewards from teaching and education are the fabulous 'the-penny-drops' moments for myself or anyone else. We are the pupils learning the art of an imperfect science called Medicine, and I am looking forward to the journey with good company.

Dr Carla Morgan

rOSCE guest faculty

Staff specialist at St George hospital. Actively involved in education and and trainee development as co-DEMT.