Success in the ACEM OSCE exam is about understanding what is expected of you of by each of the Curriculum Domains.    When preparing questions for the rOSCE course we review very carefully  the “Column 4” attributes expected of a Fellowship level candidate.  Know these well and you come understand your own exam performance.  This is especially important for the non – medical expertise domains as they often reflect core principles and attributes that may at first seem difficult to demonstrate competently in the OSCE format.   During the course, we will take you through our unique approach to each of the Domains, using the Domain SLAyR approach.   We will recommend some key things to “Say”, refer you to some great resources to “Look At” while you prepare for the OSCE and provide you with some important things to “Remember and Rehearse.”

Rock the OSCE and assassinate the domains with our domain SLAyR.

See an example domain SLAyR here